Friday, November 19, 2010

Somebody get me a ruler.

I have a strong affinity for straight lines. There are no surprises with a good straight line, no curves to worry about or corners to take, no obstructions and no change in direction. I love rows and columns, clean working surfaces, and fine point pens. I tend to fall into leadership roles naturally, I enjoy making firm decisions and I love making a seamless leap from point A to point B. I excel in a straight line environment, my only problem is that cancer is no longer a straight line.

Lately I've been feeling a familiar type of anxiety rising, the kind of anxiety I get when Dave drops me off at the pumpkin patch and says, “okay, pick one”, or worse when he says, “you pick the tree, and I'll cut it down”. You see “options” are not a friend to a straight liner like me. Options trigger, what can only be described as an OCD reaction, sending me into tailspins trying to find the perfect “one”. The problem with having no cure for cancer, other than the obvious, is that everything and anything could be a cure for cancer. I feel as though I've fallen down the rabbit hole and now I'm faced with a wonderland buffet of options: drink this ionized water out of the copper cup, eat this mushroom while standing on one foot, take this drug, don't take that drug, don't eat sugar, only eat sugar...etc. etc. The options are endless and nauseating and I'm exhausted. There is a fine line between being informed and being completely overwhelmed and I am walking the tight rope.

This past week and a half has been extremely difficult. The hormone therapy kicked in last week and the side effects have been trying. I'm nauseous, hot and cold, irritable and a crybaby but most distressing is my aching back. I have this unrelenting, intense pain in my lower back that makes it incredibly difficult to pretend like everything is okay. I'm an emotional wreck because obviously my body is screaming at me and I am choosing to ignore it, and that does not sit well with me. I'm not confident in this drug treatment but I'm too scared not to take it. Seriously, is a straight line too much to ask for?

Last night I went out to the theatre with one of my closest friends. I keep this friend filed under divine because I'm pretty certain she's got some white wings tucked away, out of sight. At the end of what turned into a very emotional night she prayed with me. Together we prayed for clarity, for peace of mind and a straight line.

This morning, after I got Dave and Coady out the door to work and play, I lay a blanket on my newly heated (thank you Dave;) kitchen floor. I turned off the computer and the ringer on the phone and I lay down on my screaming back. I closed my eyes and I listened. It's amazing what you hear if you just take the time to listen. It's incredible to hear the sound that hope makes as it uncurls itself and reaches up, like a straight line extending to the sun.


Erin said...

I pray for you often Jenn. I will pray for straight lines... I agree, they are comforting. No decisions, no questions, just a clear, no brainer. However, I have learned that straight lines are nice, and somewhat comforting, but life is full or leaps, turns, curves as well as hills and even cliffs.
As a familiar song sings," the shortest distance between two points is a straight line".... I know YOU" will climb any mountain that they want you to climb"

You are so courageous.... and keep listening... life will give you answers. You have taught ME so much... Keep it up girl... you are WOMAN!

Lots of Love,
Erin Springford

irene fizzell said...

Your blog brought me to tears. We have never met but I have heard of your courageous journey from our friend Mel. I think of you often and send you loving thoughts hoping and wishing that if you receive enough of these a miracle will happen. Blessings to you and yours

Shellyann said...

I just love

Colette Valdock said...

I love you Jenn and send love, prayers and positive thoughts to you and your family. May God Bless You xo

Colette Valdock

Anonymous said...

Dearest Jenn,
It's Mary O here from radiation tables we have shared. You are such a prophetic writer and I truly envy your courage. Wee Coady has grown so and I am so pleased that you have special time with him. Be strong, brave girl for you have come so far. I think of you each day and truly send that ever-so precious positive energy your way. We have ventured into the dark woods together-- and scary thibgs will not overcome.
With love and hugs, dear lady.
Mary O