Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mom's Prayer

Say “Please God” she would prompt, as she pulled the covers up around my shoulders.
“Please God” I would repeat without hesitation.
“Watch over me, protect me and keep me safe”.

This was the beginning of the nightly prayer that my mom would lead my brother and I through when we were little. Tonight I can hear her voice in my heart and it seems only fitting to follow her lead.

Please God
Watch over me and protect me and keep me safe.
Give me the strength and courage to take this final step.
Grant the doctor a clear focused mind and a steady hand in the morning.
And let Dave’s eyes be the first to meet mine when I wake up.

Thank you for this lesson in gratitude.
Thank you for your healing touch.



Traci said...

I was hoping to see a post from you by now.
I do hope you are doing well, and all was successful in the surgery.

You are still in my thoughts.

wendy said...

please give me a call
(416) 227-2653